Chrissy Prince (Treasurer)

I volunteered to stand on the committee due to my concerns that the group finances were ‘in limbo’ and my unease at being offered the options of ‘become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) or close the group’.  A lot of work has been undertaken by the committee, prior to my being co-opted on, regarding the status of the group and I should like to collate that information, together with other advice and options, and present it to the membership so that we are all aware of the various opportunities available to us.  I am content that the current status of the group, as it stands, does not contravene any legislation.  


I am a qualified chartered certified accountant, with my own firm in North London, and also Treasurer of a local Scout Group (a registered charity).  I own and drive (with the right licence!) a London Shelvoke Fire Engine, which is loved and looked after by my talented hubby.  I am a proud mother & stepmother of six boys (now ranging from 16 – 24) and a Nanny Nee-Naw to our new grandson.  As a family, we have created many wonderful memories as a result of being members of the FSPG, even though some of my memories are a little more fuzzy if the event has included a particularly well stocked bar! I’m looking forward to making more memories with you all in the future.