Terry Prince

I joined the FSPG in 1992 after purchasing my first Ex London Fire Brigade Shelvoke Fire Engine which I still have today (one of four, plus a Dodge). I was co-opted onto the Executive Committee in February following invitation.  


At the 2023 AGM, I was elected as Chair of the Executive Committee.  We all share a passion for our hobby and I believe the EC need to be better, through working on an open, honest and transparent basis, managing well and supporting our Members. I believe that is our first objective and if we can deliver that successfully we will firstly maintain our membership, secondly we can then grow the FSPG through bringing previous Members back to the membership and attracting new Members strengthening our Group. Hopefully we can all play a part in that journey to support our Members and bring back the “family feeling” that makes the FSPG so unique.