Mo Trawin (Secretary)

My career includes both social care and health care, with experience in working with people of all ages and abilities, plus voluntary work and fundraising for various charities over the years too. In my younger days I was told stories of my Grandad’s experiences as Leading Fireman in some of the many stations covering the outskirts of East London during the war, including when it got very busy during the Blitz. Never did I think that years later a hobby of mine, doing jigsaws, would include helping a fire service preservationist piecing together parts of fire engines that have been the biggest jigsaws to put together that I could ever imagine! Also, I never would have thought that one day I would receive a call stating “I’ve bought a Coventry Climax Lightweight Pump from someone who lives near you.

He’ll deliver it to your house if you can store it indoors for me until I can bring a trailer up to collect it.” The pump stayed with me for a while, but was eventually moved to a proper home on the back of a fire engine, where I then spent many a happy hour still looking at it, as it was washed and polished along with the rest of the vehicle, before taking it into yet another mudbath of a rally field! I have a history of supporting good causes, even those which prove to be a bit of a challenge, and it seems the FSPG is in need of a bit of a helping hand at present, so I’m happy to help if I can.