Mike Cotton (Committee Member)

I’ve been what you might call an intermittent member of the FSPG since about 1996 when I first started to get interested in preservation. I’d always had cars and vans, but never a fire appliance. My first taste in the preservation scene was to begin looking after and renovating the LFB AEC Merryweather CBY1 in 1999, taking it to functions and shows. From that point and association with some of the original members of the FSPG has taken me into ownership both current and past of many older LFB appliances, and the longer it goes on the older my taste seems to get! Currently the main focuses of attention are a 1916 Dennis N Type Motor Escape Van and a 1935 Dennis Magirus TL.  


As far as work is concerned, I worked for London Fire Brigade for 30 years, retiring at the end of 2020 as a Station Commander. The bulk of my career saw me associated with all aerial appliance types, seeing me  riding, driving, operating, specifying, procuring etc… which continues outside the Brigade with my skills now being employed by Emergency One instructing on their Magirus TLs.   


I want to get involved in the running of the FSPG because I see it’s value to those of in this hobby, in terms of a co-ordinated group that can cater for those who like to show their appliances, those who like to use them, those who like to restore them and those who like to document Fire Service history. I see lots of positives within the Group, but also recognise that it needs to modernise to survive. I believe intrinsically we all want the same thing, a successful Group, and I would like to be a part of that.