David Collins (Committee Member)

My name is David Collins 58 years young I have been a member of the FSPG for approximately 24 years plus , my main interest started with my son having a massive interest in the fire service , so to make the interest a family hobby myself , my wife and son joined the group to provide access to more information , friends , of course insurance , after obtaining my first appliance in 1997 and giving us a good reason to attend more events etc , the interest grew even more to the extent of now owning 3 appliances ,which I have fully restored and kitted to the best of my ability and budget with my wife also getting a class 2 license to drive trucks as well

The knowledge of fire service has grown massively to all the family including my son being in the fire brigade retained and a whole time job , right down to my 4 year old grandson with a passion for the service I understand there has been issues with the group committee , but I’m not interested in the politics , but would very much like to help keep the group together and hopefully move forward , especially as there are young members of the future to look after and keep the interest alive I would like to point out I am not a very academic person , but a more hands on person , however new ideas and fresh blood may be of help to the exec committee I hope this brief email will be of use as an insight of myself