Colin Farrington

I came onto the EC in May 2021 to take on the Drills and Training officer role, my background with Norfolk Fire Service in Training School gave me the ideal background to take this forward. The lack of events over the last few years has meant that I have been unable to make any real progress on assisting groups and members improve their skills or displays.  


I am also heavily involved with the Norfolk Fire Museum, and as many of you will have seen, we have lost our “home” and are trying to sort out where to keep all our appliances and equipment, not an easy task. Also many of you know of TL 240FLM, we have just had that completely resprayed and are busy refitting all the trim to get it ready for this year’s rallies. I am also standard bearer for LFB RMA, and as the other 2 standard bearers have stood down I am now “on call” to cover any funerals that require the standard countrywide.  


I took on the role of Temporary Chairman of the FSPG to lead up to and run the 2022 AGM amd was elected at that AGM.  At the 2023 AGM I stood down as Chairman, due to pressrures of other commitments and took on the role of Vice Chair.